Major Goth Elements I Loved But Now Can’t Stand

Warning you may hate me after reading this post. This post that is also known as Trends I Thought I Loved, but Now I’m Not too Keen on (don’t you love the segue?)  from Darkstalker Girl’s Gothy Blog Challenge that you can find here, aka that blog challenge I forgot about forever plus a year.

Louche II
Louche II by Martin SoulStealer
In my mind he’s saying “Oh no she di’n’t”

There are a lot of pictures on this blog where I’m wearing items that I would never wear at my current point in life. I suppose that’s just something that happens when you’ve been doing outfit posts for, like, three years (especially through my baby bat phase). I’m not ashamed, I can giggle at myself; but I understand that that just isn’t the person I am anymore. So, in the aim of moving past those things and the stereotypes that I’ve forced onto myself unknowingly bellow are some stereotypical Goth elements I just can’t even anymore.

Demonia Shoes (or Platform boots with all the buckles)

Don’t get me wrong. I love platforms. I also love boots. I just stopped liking the kinda flat-form thing that makes me look like I have gigantic feet. When I was a young bat I wore my Demonia’s quite a lot. There are lots of outfit posts where I’m wearing them but it’s time for me to move to other shoes! There’s no way in hell I’m throwing them out from under my bed though.


This is a bit different from the boots. I love corsets. They’re gorgeous and they can make an outfit (or lack there of) look stunning. I may wear my favourite in the future, and I’m sure as hell never letting them go. But I’ve found that under-busts have never worked with my shape properly and because of this combined with my lack of appropriate clothes to wear with a corset – which people often forget is a thing – I don’t have many options to wear with my overbust. But for the record I’m still very proud of this outfit

Cyber Goth

And again (you must be sick of my explainations by now) this look can look beautiful within my own frame of what I call what-I-find-pretty and that shouldn’t stop anyone from rocking it. But to be blunt, most of the time I just don’t think it looks very nice.


No-no-no. Wait! Don’t leave! I adore lace, to an extent that cannot be shown in a written form. I’m just sick of horrible quality lace and I’m sick of people not understanding what quality lace is (or can be, reach for the skies people!) AND I’m sick of mainstream stores never using quality lace, even on pricier items. Yes, my ranty-face was bound to show up on this blog eventually. I just, I can’t even continue with this paragraph is how annoyed this makes me.

Fess up guys, what do you really hate?



  1. December 14, 2013 / 3:41 pm

    My things I used to love and now don't (I might elaborate this into a blog post) :
    Panne velvet – It's only pretty on skirts that have lots of drapey bits, and looks tacky virtually everywhere else.

    Stretchy synthetic velvet – again, it very rarely looks good. It can look good on certain sleeve and velvet glove design, but more often than not does not look good on bodices, especially if worn by a human rather than a mannequin, as it will roll itself up, bulge and wrinkle weirdly when the wearer moves.

    Striped socks over tights – I used to wear this combination SO much. I still wear striped socks, in fact, I am wearing a pair right now, but for some reason I now think this just looks cheesy over tights, especially fishnets.

    Stiff synthetic tulle on skirts – I have a couple of neon green tutus for wearing underneath a PVC skirt as a petticoat for a cybergoth outfit, but the stuff is too plasticky to wear on any occasion where you don't want to look deliberately plasticky.

    With my platform Demonia boots, I'm finding that as I tend to wear more Romantic stuff these days, I have less outfits where giant PVC platform boots with loads of buckles actually coordinate well. They're more for clubbing outfits, especially the sort with lots of ripped fishnet and short skirts/shorts/

  2. December 14, 2013 / 4:47 pm

    Oh god I hate low quality lace! I've got a couple of items of lace clothing which stopped loooking good after being worn no more than two or three times.

  3. December 14, 2013 / 7:34 pm

    Bad lace totally SUCKS. I think we can ALL agree on that!!!

  4. December 14, 2013 / 11:19 pm

    There are actually few outfits I would like to forget about, exept my very short beige phase in the beginning of the 90's(yuck). I don't like cybergoth at all and I don't get the point of calling it with a goth word either, it's not goth.
    Maybe you could try you overbust corset with a fishnet top? If you're not comfortable with that, add a bolero on top.

  5. December 15, 2013 / 12:31 am

    Fake corset style tops. They were a big thing in mainstream culture for a while too., and I wanted one desperately. Now I have one… Ugh.

  6. December 15, 2013 / 12:01 pm

    There are quite a lot of things I've grown tired of over time, but mostly is just really ugly stuff I used to wear as a babybay in lack of good shops and/or ability to match my cloths. I'm not saying I hate this stuff now or that it can't look good on someone who's able to sport it, but anyways, I don't think I'm ever going to wear again:
    -striped stockings and/or armwarmers;
    -bondage pants (especially baggy ones);
    -prints such as skulls, bats, spiderwebs, this kind of Halloweeny stuff.
    And there there are things I still like, but I've worn so much I'm now kind of rejecting them: tutu minidresses and miniskirts, for instance.
    And then there's corsets… I still love them very much, but it's always so hard to find one that looks good on me, and most of all it's hard to find occasions to wear them, so I'm not going to buy any more of them in the future.

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