ELF: Voodoo & Posh

Silly me, mentioning this review a few weeks back thinking it’d be up any time soon. It took me four different lighting settings to get the colours to show anything like they actually are; even so, I ended up throwing my head near-outside my window! But alas, it is finally here! You can find the lipsticks on the ELF website, here.


Colour: Reddy, berry shade.
Texture: This lipstick is a lot more moist than the Voodoo, which does mean it becomes a little more sheer. It’s very easy to get streaks because of this.
Tone: In tone, this lipsticks a bit of a savior. It’s definitely a cold. blue tone, but because it’s more natural in shade it doesn’t accentuate the red areas of my face too much. It might even look natural on colder tonned skin.
Lasting: It would last at least six hours without anything to drastic happening to the mouth. You would definitely have to fix it after eating.
Build: Sheer and not very buildable


I’m not going to lie, the name was a big factor in my decision to buy this one! For good reason, I suppose, since it’s my favourite lipstick and I wear it most days I leave the house.

Colour: Peachy, pinky-red
Texture: Definitely on the matte side. Accentuates dry lips a lot.
Tone: Very warm toned.
Lasting: Because it’s more matte it last pretty long. A twelve hour day at uni would be no problem with a few touch ups.
Build: More build-able than Posh but building does accentuate dryness even more.

Voodoo (Left) – Posh (Right)

Price wise each lipstick is only three dollars, so it’s great to experiment with more natural colours for those of you that love black lips. Plus, I bought mine on the five dollar express shipping sale. But you certainly get what you pay for: they don’t last an insane time, don’t stain well, have a very limited colour range and the packaging is feels like it would break very easily. To add to that while ELF is cruelty free I’m almost completely sure they aren’t vegan. All together, I’m rather happy!

What lipstick brands are your favourite? Any you think I should to try out?



  1. January 24, 2014 / 2:31 pm

    They sound alright, I'm not sure if I would go out and test them after your review, but maybe some other colours or other products from their range!

  2. January 24, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    I have Voodoo! Yea the name was a factor in my buying as well. I like to use a moisturizing lip balm before applying it though because it is very drying.

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