Outfit Post: Ripped x Ripped + Jeffrey Campbells

Today I’ve torn myself away from my impending medical doom to write a simple post about these lovely shoes that some of you guys ‘voted’ for in my summer shoes post. And ripped clothes, of course, but mostly shoes.

This face is the “Fuck, I know I’m going to be blurry” face.

Cardigan: Cotton On + DIY | Blouse: Kmart | Shorts: Nasty Gal | Socks: Asos | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

The need to add more pointed shoes to my collection is growing! They’re so flattering in
my mind, but that might just be one of my growing excuses to buy some
winklepickers.Alongside these shoes I bought the shorts (both were mentioned in my Things I WILL Buy this Year post here). While I was a bit angry that they seemed to be stretching already, it seems that suddenly I’ve dropped fifteen kilos, along with headaches, horrible fatigue and no matter how much I eat (Coen thinks I have worms) or how much caffeine I force myself not to drink I’m just feeling more terrible.

When I gain the weight back I’ll be happy to see this peplum (yes, it doesn’t look like it) top actually fit properly. In the mean time before my doctors appointment, that seems so far away, I’ll preoccupy myself with these shiny new shoes.

I hope you guys are all doing well!

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  1. You… have… Jeffrey… Campbells! (Hyperventilates) I have been drooling over his shoes for years!

    Well not drooling over HIS shoes or he would have got a restraining order.

    You get it.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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