Fashion Victim: my Absurdist Script

It took me a weeks worth of fail-inspiration and bloggers-block to remind me that I promised to post my absurdist play a long while ago. It’s a distopian planet where trends reign, but they aren’t trends as we know them. The fashion elite revel in blowing up their own houses and stealing bullets from the homeless. It’s a bit of a poke at fashion culture and how silly it can be at times. But you tell me what you think it is! Below is one of my favourite scenes, you can read the rest here on my Deviant Art page or even download it if you’d like.

Myself reading HONY

same vacant street. BRAZEN and HEARTH share a copy of Bizarre Magazine between
HEARTH                    Look at this. I told you! Even Vogue
knows that bombs are back in!
BRAZEN                    What, seriously? Even helmets?
HEARTH                    Only rusted helmets. The bloodier
the better.
                   Fuck, I threw away all
my helmets last season after jabots came back. You can’t wear a jabot with a
helmet. I should have known after Bizarre shot the heads off all their models
last month!
HEARTH                    You should have. Atom bombs?
                   Nah, pipe bombs. Atom
bombs haven’t been in since radiation facials and hazard signs.
HEARTH                    You mean when stripes were in? (Smiling.)

BRAZEN                    Stripes! Who wears stripes?

and HEARTH laugh manically. The sound of bullet fire rages on in the
background. They pay no attention.

the GIRL.

GIRL wanders into the middle of the stage in front of BRAZEN and HEARTH. Blood
is dripping from her wounded arm. She stares off, concentrating, frozen.  BRAZEN grabs her by the arm and spins her
towards him. A look of pain is thrown across her face.

BRAZEN                    Woah! Where did you get that? (Excitedly.)

GIRL slowly looks up towards him, wavering from side to side – pale and

HEARTH                    Wh—
BRAZEN                    That bullet – it’s so hardcore. I
want one!
HEARTH                    I’ll get one first!

BRAZEN                    It’s over there!

and HEARTH run off towards the increasing gunfire. The GIRL wavers back and
forth, looking in circles around her, spinning. Suddenly she stops.

GIRL                          I remember—

GIRL holds her hands to her head and lets out a piercing scream. The gunfire
stops. She falls to her knees and topples onto the ground.

(V.O)   What did she remember? Was it that
Barneys is having a seventy percent off safe on all buckets of blood? Luckily
for the young-unfashionable there was, else she might never have been found by
a few nurses looking for some discount designer bandages.

Please come back and tell me what you think! And if you have any ideas for future blog posts be sure to pester me with them – I’d appreciate both very much. Alternatively, are you guys writing anything?



  1. February 12, 2014 / 1:31 pm

    Ah, I like that. Nice dark sense of humour 🙂

    Yeah, I write short stories (you've probably seen some on my blog) and am working on a couple of stories I am considering turning into novels. That's a long way off, though. I might post some more writing on my blog soon. I have a half finished humour piece for the Valentine's Day thing at Holly's Horrorland.

  2. February 14, 2014 / 7:53 pm

    I loved it! Had me laughing out loud. "Bandages are in now." Very clever.

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