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Favourite Things of the Moment

In all honesty, during the last few weeks I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but spinning in emotional turmoil. I’m current in the middle of the last few weeks before I go back to university, so I’ve been looking for things to keep my mind busy before I get back to my regular schedule.

Leopard coat! I’m officially ready for winter.

Loud, Angry Music

When I’m not feeling my best screaming along to loud, angry music also always makes me feel a little better. My favourite song of this summer has to be Pretend that We’re Dead by L7. A close second is No You Don’t by Bratmobile.

Rookie Mag

While I’ve felt from the start that this magazine isn’t really written for myself as an audience (I feel so old reading it for some reason), it’s still great for inspiration, especially the picture. At first I felt a bit intimidated by Tavi’s success at such a young age, but I’ve decided that there isn’t a role model age limit!

Not Paying Too Much Attention to What I Wear

It’s been a long time since before I spent at least half an hour musing on what I wanted to wear during the day. It’s summer and I officially own nothing to adequately keep me cool. Most of my outfits consist of ripped shorts, t-shirts and thigh-highs with something thrown over my shoulders depending on how hot the day will be. While I’m happy to beat Coen at getting dressed in the morning, I can’t wait until winter coat and ‘having enough energy to use eyeliner’ weather hits.

Binge Watching Television Series’

People commonly talk about how their depression gets bad during winter, but my anxiety gets bad when I’m bored (usually during summer). To remedy this I always have a television series ready to be watched. My current favourite has been Game of Thrones, surprisingly since Coen had to tie me down to watch it in the first place.

What are you guys loving this sass-on? (I accidentally wrote sasson instead of season, but lets just roll with it!) Recommend me some TV shows!



  1. February 8, 2014 / 6:33 am

    Have you seen Black Books? That's the marathon I had the other day and it was wonderful ^^
    Also, I would kill someone for that coat!

    • February 8, 2014 / 7:06 am

      Of course I've seen Black Books! :3 Bernard is one of my many crushes! And thanks!

  2. February 8, 2014 / 8:24 am

    I love Black Books! All my friends used to try and get me to start a bookstore so they could hang around it and basically be Bernard!

    Sitting in front of a fan watching TV series and drinking iced tea basically got me through Summer. I CANNOT wait to be able to wear layers and beautiful jackets again!

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