THE Most Important Blogger Tip You Could Ever Read

On a separate note to this post, you should all check out Matilda’s post on Goths in Cold weather over at Malida Marble Eye. She does some really awesome posts and only has five followers (which is a complete injustice!).

Do you ever get those moments when you’re right in the middle of a sentence reading something interesting and just for a moment your mind jumps off topic and your struck with an interesting though out of no where? Maybe that’s just my own absent mindedness. I was reading an article on Vice about the relationship of Fashion and Sex when suddenly in my head I thought of reading and what a huge part it plays in being an interesting blogger.

Old books
Old Books by David Flores

It’s always been a huge saying that to write, first you need to read a tonne of everything – but I might just hear that more since I’m studying writing and English. Especially within blogging as it’s something that works hand in hand with the media (well, blogging technically is media). It’s necessary to read all about the juicy happenings. If not to reflect on something like Pastel Goth or to reject such an idea, but to be inspired!

Yes, yes, yes. I’m talking about inspiration again.

When I’m uninspired I find myself ranting on about things that I’ve already spoken about. Which leads us back to the original point of this post. When reading as much as possible you become opened up to new ideas, angry about silly things people don’t know what they’re talking about and are inspired by something you may well have never thought to be inspiring before. And so, new inspiration turns to new idea which leads to writing original content that ultimately equals an interesting blogger.

But beware your own self-destructing ideas! Coming straight to you from a rant that was originally pointed to my partner, who then turned to me (after about ten minutes of brilliance!) to say, “oh you’re talking to me?” Talk about the ideas that you think about often. Just because to you they are an everyday idea doesn’t mean they aren’t completely baffling to others.

In conclusion (this part always reminds me of my terribly written highschool essay endings), this is more a reminder to myself to never stop learning and to never consider my own ideas too simple. I hope that you guys could take something from this little love letter to my post-blogger self; that I should never get off my own totally tartan and Cure patch sewn horse of blogging. And that goes for you too.



  1. February 17, 2014 / 5:46 pm

    English and writing sounds like a wonderful thing to study :3 And I agree with you on the inspiration thing ^^ I've found that since I've been going to uni, I haven't had a lot of time to really read other people's blogs which has lead me to become rather uninspired, which is also the reason why I hardly blog at the moment, because I don't want to repeat myself over and over again.

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