VANITY’s Occult You Album Review

As their website claims “It’s not [just] wave, it’s not [just] metal, it’s not [just] indie” and in my opinion it’s definitely not Post-Punk. But alas, VANITY’s moderately new album Occult You is something I can really recommend to those who love any period of vampire film (it just has that vibe); all periods of rock, in particular nineties Gothic Metal; and to classic Gothic Horror novel obsessors!

VANITY’s Official Album Photograph

But What About the Music?

 It usually takes me a while to really get into a band and VANITY was no
different. It certainly captured me with the mystical videos (glorious
fog is always a plus) and the monologue-esque start to songs though it
takes awhile to get into the familiar breakdowns and choruses of lots of
this album’s songs. The music is brilliant, but I’m not too fond of the vocals. Personally, I love a more feminine vocal (like in my favourite of the album: Time’s New Romance) rather than the more masculine sound of most songs in throughout the album. Which is to say the vocals aren’t bad just out of my preference! The album as a whole does a great job of forming a large picture that’s rather self-contained while each song remains true to it’s particular theme.

A great example of glorious fog is this embedded version of Vanity’s Pagan Hearts, right here:

Suggested Listeners:
I would suggest this to anyone that enjoys more traditional rock structures of the twentieth century (okay, so maybe not everyone thinks in these kind of terms) and more Gothic lyrics (definitely Gothic more than Goth-rock) like Evanescence. Alternatively the introductory guitar melodies are definitely inspired by The Horrors (which they actually state on their Facebook here – I’m totally so informed!).

But definitely check out at least one of their songs from this album (even if just for the wonderful cinematics) because they span such a versatile set of genres that you never know if you’ll like them until you lend them a little bit of an ear. So, you better go take a listen and come straight back to yell at me about how wrong I am!


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