Four Famous Trad-Goth Songs I’d Forgotten I LOVE

Favourite bands last no longer than a few months for me because I end up listening to them non-stop until I can take it no longer. Which is why I’ve been trying to find some newer Goth-Rock stuff (see. Goth or Not?). I fell so hard for classic post-punk that we needed some time apart. That time is over! Somehow some of my favourites found their way back into my favourite playlists and I’m fully immersed into my favourite genre. But who brought me back from the dead?

Bela Legosi’s Dead

A while back I posted Five Killer Bauhaus Songs that aren’t Bela Legosi’s Dead. But there are so many reason that this song is so renowned within the subculture. One, is because it is typically seen as the epitome of the Goth sound (even though Bauhaus certainly wasn’t the first Goth band). The second reason is because it’s just so fucking good.

Black Sun

I’ve never been a fan of Dead Can Dance; their sound has gone through so many variations that a mere mortal such as myself can never find the one I like! If you can find me some other songs similar to Black Sun I might marry you. (Probably not, though. Sorry.)

Temple of Love

Certainly the most dance-worthy (in my opinion) of this list, but no less famous trad-goth tunes. I’m not sure what else I can say about this. You better have a listen, and then tell me what you think.

Last Beat of my Heart

Who could forget Siouxsie the Banshees on a trad-Goth list? When I clicked onto Coffin Kitsch’s The Last Beat of My Heart : UK 82 in which she outlines her favourite bands of UK 82 Punk. Though I haven’t delved too far into that genre the name alone was enough to get my yerning for some more Siouxsie. This song is heart wrenchingly catching, semi-military sound inspired and generally beautiful.

Have you ever had a band or a song rekindle your love for anything?



  1. July 21, 2014 / 1:38 pm

    Hey that's me 🙂 I love all the songs!
    I heard some Stone Temple Pilots on the 90s station (I have satellite radio in my car) and it made me reflect on my grunge-lovin' days which turned into a sing-a-long with my husband.

    Then James came on and it was so great! Oh memories…..

  2. August 11, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    Temple of Love is my least favourite sisters song – it's too close to being poppy and just another bad relationship song for me – I much prefer Ribbons. Black Sun is one of my favourite favourite Dead Can Dance songs, too – I have to say that "In The Power We Trust The Love Advocated" probably comes closest, but their sound does change a lot – I kind a like their Within The Realm of Dying Sun and Serpent's Egg era ethereal atmospherics."Last Beat of My Heart" and "Spellbound" are probably my favourite Siouxsie songs… that and "Lets Go To Pluto" which is in many ways a ridiculous song, but makes me think of Raven (the other half) so I love it.

    For modern stuff that sounds similar, even if the bands don't identify directly as Goth, I'd say check out Contre Jour, Waterglass. I also like Kirlian Camera and Zola Jesus' earlier things.

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