Heavy Metal Ring Wishlist + Goth Jewellery Brand Spotlights

Back in an outfit post I whined about wanting some hand-jewellery this summer. Rings and bracelets have never been my thing since my hands are practically skeletal but I’m determined to find a ring to rock. When looking for a ring I need something will small sizing 3/4/5 US, something that won’t break or rust easily (all of the below are sterling silver) and something that wont entirely break the bank.

 photo HeavyMetal_zps908c7600.jpg
BMM StacksThin SpacerErodeMus HipConvex

Bloody Mary Metal has a tone of personable jewellery. The BMM stack picture above is of the thicker version, but personally I would go for a set of thinner stacks. They also have charm bracelets and engraved bracelets. But listing their entire inventory is not the point of this paragraph, is it? I fell in love with the “Heavy fucking Metal” product picture. I think it’d be a nice little way to add some tough language to my everyday, in a way that isn’t shouting it in peoples faces with something like a t-shirt (you never know how people will react).

Helter Skelter Heavy Metal attests to those who claim the Beatles created the first heavy metal song in the sixties and does it justice with killer jewellery. My only wish is that they came out with more collections more often! The stacker rings are almost completely sold out. They’re also not sterling silver, but it’s certainly justified in the price. So, if you have larger fingers and love this ring, you’re in luck!

This image is the property of Birds N Bones

Birds N Bones Jewellery collections are molded after real animal bones (ethically sourced from cruelty free stores) that are recast in sterling silver. The Mus Hip Knuckle ring is my favourite since it’s so tiny it’ll fit my fingers fine, but it’s a bit more interesting than my usual love of plain metal rings.

Speaking of ‘plain’, even though they may look it to some the Erode rings and Convex ring are amazing to me. I adore that they’re very harsh in tone – like a big chunk of metal – but from the hand-crafting the metal holds tones of personality in the grain. No wonder a store called Metalhead jewellery does metal so perfectly. If you aren’t sold yet you ough to read the about section.

Have I rambled sufficiently? I think so!

What kind jewellery do you wear? Stevie Nick’s style crystals, or totally-Goth coffins and Alchemy Gothic? Personally, I’m a bit of a minimalist, I don’t think I could even carry alchemy Gothic jewellery without being forced to drag my hands along the ground where-ever I go (because it’s heavy, right?). All I could ask for is a sleek design that is well made and that’s probably why I love these brands. But alas, what are you wearing on your hands today?



  1. August 8, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    Ovate's rune rings are my favourite, but maybe-a-little-maybe-massively out of my price range. I've been increasingly thinking about getting better quality rings myself, for the same reasons as you; it's as though I wrote this post!

  2. August 10, 2014 / 5:23 pm

    I like rings like yours, but I like some personality. Like little bats or a cameo

  3. August 11, 2014 / 2:41 pm

    I have 9 ring, mostly quite slender, all silver, worn across 8 fingers, every day. There's a snake and a couple of pentagrams, but most of them are Celtic designs, including the very beautiful double-triquetra and moonstone ring I wear where an engagement or wedding ring would be, to signify my relationship with Raven.

  4. August 29, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    I just realized, I don't use rings anymore. :O
    I forget to wear them, and it's so impractical for art-making, bass playing and the general weather in the Caribbean. Unless I'm getting ready for a goth night-out in winter (when I try to remember the rings).
    Loved your list. I've been spying some of these for a while as well. 😀
    Perhaps some day I'll get accustomed to wearing rings again? (I want to!)

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