How I Style my Summer Basics Wishlist in my Dreams (Summer to Winter)

Okay, so I understand that for some of you that summer is winding down and life is hitting that perfect Halloween temperature (anyone else ogling the Halloween previews already?). But when I buy an item with summer in mind I almost never pack it away during winter; jumpers can be layered, thigh-highs pulled taught and when wearing coats all day I can get away with layering a long sleeve under a chiffon blouse without anyone even noticing.

 photo T-shirt_zps6f05ae4d.jpg

“I don’t need no body”; I don’t know about you but I need this t-shirt. It looks super-super comfy (100% cotton) and it’s the kind of shirt that will be great all year round but still holds Halloween hints that I love. In summer I’d feminine it up with the suspender skirt and thigh-highs (maybe a kimono if the sun is feeling mame-y) or work it with some docs and a leather jacket in winter (probably with a long sleeve underneath or my favourite ripped knit jumper).

 photo Suspender_zps2203ba62.jpg

The suspender skirt is something that I’ve been looking what seems like a life-time. Ever since Unif had their red tartan version that I fell for far-too-late (that skirt sold out fast!). For winter I’d layer a crop knit jumper with a long sleeve underneath, and a big coat over the top.

 photo Military_zps331d1248.jpg

Military button-down, after military button-down has found its way into my wishlists and then disappeared from the internet. But I don’t think this staple shirt from Glamour Kills is going anywhere (it been around for ages). Perfect with a cardigan and wet-look leggings or a leather jacket. Let’s just admit that leather jackets go with everything.

I suppose this list isn’t actually a “in my dreams” post. Since a lot of these items – bar the wishlist items- I already own. The cropped sweater is supposed to this ripped knit sweater – just roll the sleeves and cut the waist-band off and the resemblance is stunning. Bring this post back to the point, What are your thoughts on summer-wear being worn all year round? Do you have any tips?



  1. August 24, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    I always joke that any summer outfit can be transformed into a winter outfit with enough tights, sweaters, and appropriate footwear (normally docs).

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