OotD: Is it the Season of the Witch Yet?

As I write this I’m on my mid-term break – I’m honing in on the last days of uni for this year (so close but so far), in two weeks American Horror Story: Freakshow will be the first thing to watch on my to do list and everyday I ask, is it Halloween yet?

 photo IMG_0201_zps826df962.jpg
I’m sad because it isn’t even October.

 photo IMG_0188_zps189109dc.jpg
 photo FACE2_zps28924c01.jpg
 photo IMG_0166_zps024badee.jpg
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen | Skirt: Gypsy Warrior | Shoes: Rivers | Necklace: Etsy

This morning after asking myself whether it was Halloween yet, I decided I’d just pretend it was. Throw on a dark eye look (this is as dark as my eye looks get these days), ripped stockings, some green leopard print, and as much bone jewellery as I own (sadly, not enough!) while listening to my Halloween playlist and wishing I owned a Ghost-face costume.

How are you getting into the Halloween spirit?

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  1. I finally, finally visited the first batch of halloween stores on my list….NO idea what I want to be this year though. love your skirt…been meaning to get one like that forever!

    1. I've been meaning to get a skirt like this forever too. This one's not too good for short people though (the straps are always falling down). I guess I'm still looking.

      I'm jealous! All Australia has are stores with one flimsy row of Halloween stuff and even that's far and few between.

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