Goth-Haul | Robert Smith, Eighties Films & Beat Poet Inspired

Be warned, I was so close to calling this post a “Wal-haul”, get-it? It’s a combination of “walrus” and “haul” because I’m oh-so creative. Let’s just say that I should probably be paying someone to write my titles for me. Anyway, I thought I’d make a little list of the pieces I actually buy, since I’ve been seeking a lot of retail-therapy lately in order to make it through my final week of Uni (two more days!) I’ve been trying to experiment a lot with interesting cuts in basic colours, stocking up on basics for summer and throwing all my sensible thoughts out of the window.
 photo Goth-in-a-boxhaul_zpsaf375e11.jpg

 PVC Skirt | Plaid Blouse (sold out) | White Blouse (Sold out)
Black Boxy Crop | Crushed-Velvet Shorts | Black Boat-neck Crop

The PVC skirt is the star of this haul. It’s something I’ve been obsessing over ever since Good Morning Angel posted an amazing outfit in the pink version back a whole ago. Sure the PVC trend was huge and now it’s over, but I still want to challenge myself to experiment out of my comfort zone. Which is exactly what this skirt entails.

I’ve been wanting a pair of eighties style sunglasses (The ones I bought are here, they’re not shown above and apparently are sold out. I must have snagged the last pair.)
for a while, in the hopes they’ll magically transform me into Robert
Smith or some other eighties bad-ass. At the same time I loose them all
the time so I didn’t want anything super expensive, summer is already
ruining my life, I wanted something UV protected and I needed to get
above thirty dollars for free shipping on ASOS.

 photo SunglassesCollage_zps9ce6c0e2.jpg
 Sunglasses a la  The Blues Brothers
(I’ve seen this film a hundred times),
everyone in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and that kid from The Breakfast Club (which I’ve also seen a million times).

The mass amount of blouses are due to summer’s impending doom where I worry that I’ll have nothing to wear when it’s too hot for cardigans. Hence why each of them have sleeves. The black ASOS crop tops I picked up in their seventy percent off sale. They’re perfect basics. The plaid shirt will be great for winter and I can roll the sleeves up on cooler summer days and wear it as a jacket-thing. The white billowy blouse reminded me of beat poets so I had to have it. I’ll be removing the random collar accents and probably rocking it with the kick-ass black crushed-velvet (Yes, I know everyone hates crushed velvet) knicker shorts.

I suppose this post turned less into a Goth-in-a-Box kit than a in depth guide to how I attempt to prepare for summer heat with the occasional testament to my love of eighties films and beat poets/poet-blouses. What do you think? Are you preparing for the harsh reality of winter up there in that northern part of the world? Or more importantly what’s inspiring you?
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  1. October 25, 2014 / 12:31 pm

    I've grown to like crushed velvet, one day I was staring at a dress my friend was wearing and something clicked in my head and little hearts appeared. Hahaha!

    Great haul indeed! Oh! The sunglasses are Rayban Wayfarer style sunglasses, so if love them and happen to lose them (which I do with sunglasses, ugh!), then you'll know what to look for! 😉

  2. October 25, 2014 / 4:44 pm

    I've been wanting a pvc skirt for forever. Well, a patent leather one…i think you can kind of pass that off in the office better than pvc…just slightly

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