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How I Style LEATHER PANTS in my Dreams (For summmer)

This “In my Dreams” post is about the Plain PU Look Jean‘s that I’m already pretty sure were never meant to be. But against my better judgement I decided I needed them and spent the resulting few days wishing they would just come already! In lieu of their arrival, I’ll dream about what I hope they will be – rather than what will be my demise: the fact that they’re actually navy blue. I hate navy blue.

 photo WESTERNWITCH_zps65f3b8ea.jpg
Boots | Shirt | Kimono

 photo TARTAN_zpsdc174b58.jpg
Pants | Bustier | Shoes
 photo VELVET_zps557bf809.jpg
Top | Shoes | Kimono

These looks are very summery (in my books) since summer suddenly exploded in my part of Australia. Wearing leather pants in summer is a good excuse to throw on tiny crop tops and bustiers, since you’re already covered up. Not to mention a great reason to collect all of the fringe-y kimonos you (meaning I) can find. In my opinion (let me know if you agree) just the fact that something is leather makes it a neutral in so many colours. And so, throughout I was trying to play up prints and textures – tartan, velvet, fringe, sequins.

Even if these pants turn out to be the pristine piece of my life, they’re probably going to sit around in my closet until winter rolls around again. But a girl can dream, right?


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  1. October 1, 2014 / 1:06 pm

    Eurgh, I despite it when retailers list an item as a completely different colour. Hope that it works out!

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