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This is my natural state.

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T-shirt: Kmart | Skirt: Oasap | Stockings: Target | Shoes: Asos
Belt: Boohoo.com | Sunnies: Asos | Bag: Killstar

Check out my new super-cool bag! I snagged it on the Dollskill Black Friday sale and decided to rock my casual, “classically Sary” look. Velvet, skater skirt, ripped stockings and boots; yep, that’s me! I’ve been insanely obsessed with X-Files so when I saw this bag by Killstar I went a bit crazy. Everyday after work I sit down to at least one episode of X-Files. I think I’ve got a little bit of a Scully hair-do going on at the moment to boot!

Are you an X-Files fan? What’s you favourite episode? I’ve been really wanting to do a current top five favourite X-Files episodes but I’m not sure if that would be useful to anyone that isn’t my fan-girl self.

Oh, and if you’re into Instagram, you might like to follow me @SaryWalrus. Don’t forget to drop me a comment with your own, so I can check out yours too!

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  1. I've watched the crap out of the X Files, I blew through every season recently…except the last two when it all fell apart. My favorite episodes are Humbug, X-Cops, Field Trip, Home, Post-Modern Prometheus and Bad Blood. Basically, I like all the really messed up ones. I didn't care for the conspiracy episodes, they really dragged on and I hated the Smoking Man and Krycek.

    And that's a cute bag! I like the selection on Dolls Kill but I hate their branding… all their product descriptions butcher the English language, reading them makes me feel degraded, like I'm some kind of illiterate skankhole lol.

  2. Love your bag, it's super cute! 🙂 I just recently started watching The X Files (I knnnooowww!) and love it so far! I'm halfway through the second season, and it's a lot of fun. I also quite enjoy the nineties fashion, love Scully's shoulder-pads 😉

  3. love the outfit! I would love me some summer outfits, but it´s winter here in europe 😉
    I love the x files, but only the first season, I love every episode there!
    I will add you on instagram, here´s mine: forest.of.october
    I don´t post outfit or face pictures there, I have enough of that on my blog so the instagram is reserved for nature and inspiring pictures of my surroundings 🙂

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