While reading through lots of 2014 outfit post roundups it got me thinking. Particularly after looking through Faiiint’s roundup and finding such a seamless sense of style through all of her pictures I started to wonder what ties my own outfits together. I’m so quick to change my mind on outfits and I can’t keep a favourite piece of clothing for more than five minutes. Well, here goes, what do you think my style of 2014 says?

 photo 2014OUTFITS_zps0fb4d217.jpg

(123) (456) (789)


Layered like a boss.
Realised red was my hair colour.
Barely let it grow past my shoulders – whoops! I was supposed to be growing it out.
Played with different lengths!
Accentuated my waist (like usual).
Never took off my thigh-highs
Bought all the red velvet in the world (that might be a slight exaggeration).
Wore button ups until I never wanted to see another again.

Well, you’ve seen my favourite outfits, what were yours? Oh, and what would your own roundup say about you?

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  1. your outfit posts are inspiring!! I always hit myself on the head for not taking my time to make outfit pictures myself, since after I see yours I want to get dressed up 🙂
    I think this year I gave all the focus of my look to stockings, and kind of ignored everything else. Also I have embraced oversized tops and miniskirts…
    and those tartan pants of yours are everything!!

  2. Your outfits have a recognizable impression/atmosphere even when you vary individual pieces, a positive one of course 🙂

    My style was below my usual standards this year, I tried to dress more causal/practical out of necessity and ended up feeling pretty uncomfortable most of the time, I'm not good at being normal 😀 I also bought way too many patterned/structured pieces that I have nothing neutral to wear with.

  3. Nice looks this year. I'm a fan of all that red velvet! Suits you, as does the hair. My style has been all over the place this year… There was a lot to be inspired by! It was a great year for dark fashion

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