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When I started putting together this outfit, I had no idea it was going to turn out like this! Originally this was supposed to be menswear inspiration but I think it ended up looking more Victorian inspired crossed with an anime character kind of look.

Some details from this outfit: I had to iron this blouse with my hair straightener because it ended up crinkled in a pile of wet clothes – I’m so glamorous! My hair is finally starting to grow out. You can see my natural colour now! Oh and I bought a new lens! You might have seen me playing with it on Instagram. It improves my photos by at least 100%!

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think this outfit is more Victorian or anime character like? Or something different altogether. Let me know!

I’m wearing: 
Lipstick is Cinnamon Spice by Wet ‘n’ Wild, Missguided blouse, Thrifted waistcoat, Kmart belt, Missguided swing dress, Asos bow-tie, Asos thigh-highs and River Island boots via Asos.

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