Slowly but surely I’m filling my life with more of the creepy and cool things that I love. I’ve found that I have an strange adoration for everything to do with antique dentistry (I have always loved going to the dentist and grew up wanting to be a dentist) and have finally started constructing an actual cabinet of curiosities.

Although at the same time, I’ve also realised that building up an oddities collection can be time consuming and expensive – who’d have thought antiques cost money! So here are some Etsy stores that along the way I just couldn’t keep away from and offer cool oddities at a good range of prices. In the hopes that maybe you’ll find something you like too!

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Lady Locks Creations

Lady Locks Creations is a great Etsy store if you’re looking for unique jewellery. They have everything from teeth, bones to antique hotel key-rings. But overall my main reasons for going back time and time again are: they are always putting up new and interesting stock (which is incrediable for a one person store), they’re a hundred percent ethically sourced and lastly, they always have such beautiful pictures of their creations. Sure oddities tend to be considered “gross” but I still like to fall in love with my creepy stuff!

Check out Lady Locks Creations here. 

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Gothic Rose Antiques and Curiosities

This store has everything from antique Halloween decorations to antique books and old palmistry posters. But the one thing that ties everything in together is that every piece has a dark and gothic appearance or history. Plus, I really like that unlike many antique stores they have a nice range of prices. Not everything is super expensive!

Check out Gothic Rose Antiques and Curiosities here.

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Rocks and Vines

These guys have been great for filling in small spaces in my up-and-coming cabinet of curiosities. I love their beautiful little flowers in jars and viles.

Check out Rocks and Vines here.

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Ami Nyitray Designs

Curiousities and Wearable Wunderkammer

This store is a new find. It has a vast range of wearable curiousities like doll parts, teeth, tin types and calligraphy pen nibs (I scored myself one of them!). Even if you don’t like wearing your curiousities they’re easily stored and displayed by hanging.

Check out Ami Nyitray Designs here.

Do you collect strange objects? I’d love to hear about your collections and the places you sift through to find your own pieces! Oh and don’t forget store suggestions. I’m always looking for new favourites to add to my odd stores list!

All Images belong to their rightful owners – namely each respective Etsy store.



    • July 2, 2015 / 6:46 pm

      I LOVE Victorian Lowbrow's shop! 🙂

  1. July 2, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    Thanks for this post and the links, I will be checking them out shortly!

    So, why did you decide not to become a dentist? Inquiring minds want to know… 😉

  2. July 3, 2015 / 2:05 am

    Odd things are always good! Except that ventriloquist's dummy. That dummy is probably going to kill someone.

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