Okay, so this sfx look didn’t go to plan. It looks more like I’m shedding my skin, than a Frankenstein look. Beware, you cannot sew super thin layers of latex!

On the other hand I’m loving this outfit. It’s going to go into my “reuse” pile. Velvet? Check! Occult motif? Check! Beautiful leopard boots I’ve been hiding in my closet all winter? Double check! Any attempt at a gore look is just more topping on an already perfectly made cake! If I say so myself, at least. What do you think?

I’m wearing a palmistry singlet from Asos (I bought it oversize in a size 14, so how I wear it doesn’t dictate how it’s supposed to be worn), velvet skirt by Widow (originally it had garters) VIA Dolls Kill, socks from Coen’s wardrobe and leopard boots by Shoe Cult the house brand of Nasty Gal.

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