Can you believe my favorite part of this outfit is the plain black singlet? Now, I’m not as fond of wardrobe basics as many people tend to be. I’d much rather buy something velvet, leopard print or floral. But this singlet really changed by perspective on basic staples and jersey.

To be honest, when I first bought this top (previously dress) I scoffed. It was a seventy dollar singlet dress marked down to thirteen dollars. “Who would pay seventy dollars for a piece of jersey?” But I was pleasantly surprised. The jersey is super thick, double layered across the entire piece and is pretty damn heavy.

Who am I? What is life? I’m a jersey convert.

I still don’t think I’d pay seventy dollars for a piece of jersey though. But what about you? Are you a jersey fan? Tell me what your basic wardrobe staples are!

I’m wearing a flannel by Disturbia VIA Dolls Kill, singlet is a modified singlet dress by BLQ BASIQ VIA Dolls Kill, shorts are by Reverse, PVC boots are by River Island VIA Asos, septum ring is Sm316 Body Jewelry VIA BAF, lipstick is Salem by Lime Crime.

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  1. basics are good if your wearing some crazy overpowering pattern or if you just want something casual to wear grocery shopping. I love wearing flannel shirts as light jackets too :))

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