This outfit may seem ordinary – well, is velvet ever ordinary? But in fact, this was the outfit I wore to my last class for the year. I’ve been mentioning my “last class for the year” a lot lately. That’s because many of my friends are graduating this year. It was a big day, because it was out last class together.

A friend of mine suggested that they remembered moments,
like meeting new people or graduating high-school from the outfit they
and their friends were wearing. I suppose society sort of promotes this,
when people go shopping for a new outfit for every event. So, here’s my homage to my last outfit with those super cool guys as classmates.

Speaking of friends, you should check out my killer friend’s brand new blog right here. Caitie has an amazing personal style. It’s grungy, earthy, varied and blue!

What about you? Do you remember any outfits from pinnacle moments in your life?

I’m wearing a velvet top (that used to be a dress) from Boohoo, a suspender skirt from Gypsy Warrior, stockings from Asos and boots from Boohoo.

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  1. I love suspender skirts and velvet, so I'd definitely remember you! Unless there's a photo, I generally don't remember what I wore to a milestone… Unless it's the usual interview/funeral/wedding uniform I wear over and over again

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