Alternative Fashion Fest. The title alone seems like something I would be all over. So, when they contacted me to ask to spread the word, I couldn’t say no! The Alternative Fashion Fest is all about celebrating the unique and the odd, showcasing alternative brands, and fighting appearance based discrimination. Am I catching your interest yet?

What is the Alternative Fashion Fest

I’ve seen diva designer strops, model meltdowns, too many hair extensions, too short skirts – but not once have I seen a celebration of the amazing fashion that our alternative community has to offer …….. until now.

The Alternative Fashion Fest is a UK runway tour, boasting some awesome alternative brands, music and interesting entertainment. They’re traveling all across the UK on into next year (Birmingham, London, Newcastle and Dublin are just a few of their stops), all to celebrate the diversity of alternative fashion. That’s pretty damn cool, if I say so myself.

Speaking of Diversity

The fest doesn’t just boast a diversity of styles but a genuine diversity of models. Models with all skin colours, body types, disabilities, genders and so forth, will be proudly walking the runway. They’re releasing wonderful little snippets all about some of their models and crew on their Facebook page. They say:

Over the coming weeks with the help of the fantastic James Nemo we will
be introducing more of our cast and crew with their stories of
overcoming adversity to shine as the people they were truly meant to be.

It’s a Charity Event!

With a socially conscious message against prejudice and hate crime, we
plan to raise funds for both The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and a local
cause in each city as we take our unique and diverse show on the road
on our UK tour and we’d love you to join us!

Unless you’re new to the world of subcultures you’ve probably heard of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It’s a British foundation with the aim to stop appearance based discrimination, beginning with the heart breaking story of Sophie Lancaster’s murder.


It’s a Lot of Fun!

We have some alternative vintage, latex and steampunk designs along with collections from ‘mainstream’ designers showing that all styles can blend together in perfect harmony, as should the people who adopt them!

I would love to go to one of their shows! Actually, any alternative fashion festival, but alas the Australian equivalents have since shut down – Fiend Fest and The Blue Moon Festial. So, if you can make it I implore you to take the opportunity. It sounds like a fantastic time for a fantastic cause.

What do you think? Is the Alternative Fashion Fest something you’d be interested in?

All images have found VIA The Alternative Fashion Fest Facebook page.


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  1. November 14, 2015 / 10:15 am

    Ah it sounds fantastic! I wish I could go! And I wish I had been to more than one Under The Blue Moon! I really would have skived off work for that other one if I knew it would end so soon!

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