100 Days of Makeup Roundup #1

I guess you could call this an Instagram roundup, because all I’ve been posting to my Instagram lately is makeup! As I’ve mentioned a couple times, I’ve been doing the 100daysofmakeupchallenge, which is where you post a unique makeup look everyday for a hundred days. It’s pretty crazy!

Here are some of my favourite #fotd’s so far. What do you think? My absolutely favourite is my attempt at Madeyewlook’s fear of holes tutorial using nose and scar wax and my Alexander McQueen inspired makeup look (white eyelashes). Which is your favourite? Would you ever consider doing this challenge?

All images are from my Instagram (@SaryWalrus). Take a look for more looks and detailed pictures.

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  1. Holes on skin give me chills! I think you succeeded there…
    I like the green face and the white lashes.
    White lashes suit you well.

    I don't think I would do the challenge, primarily because it'd mean I'd have to spend my money on something other than fabric and notions lol

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