This outfit fits the category of “home” in so many senses of the word. I am a homey kind of person. I much prefer watching a good movie at home on a rainy day and spending hours painting my nails in bed, to going out any day. And this is a perfect example of the kind of outfit I’d throw on (minus the shoes).

The outfit itself was an interesting idea I had. I love these flares but (to be honest) sleep in them more than I wear them out. I’m just not sure how to style them! I thought this oversized blouse would work well, because they’re more like leggings than pants, and regret choosing shoes with a heel (yuck!).

But what do you think? Did I pull it off? What do you wear when you’re chillin’ at home?

I’m wearing a harness bra from Gypsy Warrior, the “moon tunic” from Gypsy Warrior, velvet flares from Pylo (they’re cut to fit while not wearing heels), PVC booties are by River Island VIA Asos and necklace and bracelet are by Birds N Bones Jewelry – check out my recent review here!

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