This post is all about my costume plans for the upcoming horror movie campout, or as I like to call, The Walrus Room’s guide to dressing like a final girl. Now a final girl (the remaining girl who defeats the killer and often saves her love interest) comes in many shapes and sizes – although usually the virgin, boyish and intelligent. But by browsing through my own compilation of final girls I’ve found some key aspects to getting the look just right.

Lot’sa Blood (It’s Not called a Slasher for Nothing!)

Step one to dressing like a final girl is the blood. You’ll need lots of it. The final girl is the trademark character primarily of slashers and you can’t have a slasher without copious amounts of fake blood. It’s like a final girl’s badge of honor!

The best kind of blood for this look is the more watery kind, that’s able to be smeared and will eventually dry on your skin, rather than the coagulated type (trust me, I’ve tried a look like this with coagulated and scab blood, it doesn’t work). I’m opting for (and hoping it arrives in time) for aged blood with is more orange and “realistic” in look” compared to a blue toned blood with is for fresher wounds. For more details on the colours and types of blood I suggest checking out Freakmo’s YouTube channel.

The more types of blood you combine in this look, the most realistic. Just remember to splash it across your face and in your hair*!

*Wounds hidden in hair are the best, because they’re completely hidden! All you need is a trail of blood.


Long Tangled & Bloodied Hair

This was already mentioned previously in regard to hiding wounds in messy hair, but it’s also important that the hairstyle be messy. If you’d been running from a psychotic killer for hours on end, without rest, would you have time to brush your hair up into a tight pony tail?

Opt for a lot of dry shampoo and a little back combing, the smear some blood or gel into your hair to allow it to appear wet.

Smear that Shit!

When it comes to makeup, let’s get real. Not many final girls look haggard with mascara running down their face at the end of horror movies. That’s because, you guessed it, Hollywood. These characters are projected as boyish, and thus, are wearing no makeup makeup. In real life, they’d be smudged and smeared as much as they next person in a rain storm.

When creating a faux-smeared affect, you can opt for water-based or alcohol body paints, which watered down create a great smeared affect (water-based only should be used near the eyes). Else you can opt for using your own makeup stash. Mascara is the best for this as it’s already messy and annoying.

In the end, it’s your call!

Typically White Outfit

You know, to show off all of our hard blood work!

For the outfit I’d rather opt for quick-drying fabric paint than liquid special fx blood, as that will dry and don’t continue to smear and stain throughout the night. That requires thrift-store clothes that you won’t mind throwing out or resigning to hair dying/costume clothes forever.

Many types of fake special fx blood does wash out! Although be wary. Always read the label, test on a piece of clothing you don’t mind ruining and remember white fabric stains much worse than other colours.

Axes Make the Best Accessory!

If you’re not quite the horror film connoisseur, you might not know that the final girl often has a signature weapon. Laurie’s kitchen knife in Halloween, Sydney Prescott’s gun in Scream and Mia’s Chainsaw in Evil Dead are all great examples ( created a great info-graphic of this). Personally I think I’m going to search out a fake axe for my costume. But anything goes, final girls need to be flexible and fast thinking!

Overall, I think the final girl is the perfect costume whether for Halloween or a horror night. It’s simple but recognisable, it’s easy to transport or to apply on the spot and it doesn’t come with that much of a price tag! All you need are some old clothes, fake liquid blood and maybe a weapon of choice.

What do you think? Would you rock this look? Maybe to the grocery store? Oh, and don’t forget to let me know who your favourite final girl is, so I can steal their look too!

All images are found from their perspective films: You’re Next, Scream, The Texus Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead. This does not include Myki’s (Glam&Gore) Instagram picture which has been screenshot, which can be found here.



  1. March 8, 2016 / 3:57 pm

    What a great concept, seems like a great look for a Halloween party. I really love the 'final girl' trope but I don't really have a single favourite character.

  2. March 12, 2016 / 10:51 am

    I always feel like long hair would get in the way fighting unless you tied it back, but that's film, ha ha!

    Great concept!

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