This month has been an 100% makeup month and one of my favourite places to buy makeup is Lipstick Republic! If you’re been a long-time reader of this blog you might have seen another review of them a while ago – two years maybe! That’s how long I’ve been a total Lipstick Republic groupie.

Recently they added an 100% vegan category to their website filled with products! So, if you’re an Australian looking for good quality, well known vegan products they’re a great place to get inspiration (although they sell out sooo fast).

This time around I tried out their OCC lipstick in Anita (which I have huge opinions on – vegan and cruelty free!), Nudestixs (cruelty free, not vegan) concealer and Bronzing Duo, and Sauce Box’s Highlight (cruelty free, not vegan).

Check out my thoughts in the video above, and let me know yours. I’m starting to wonder if my experience with OCC’s lipstick are just a one off. Have you tried it? It’s my favourite makeup brand ever, so I want to love it so much! Let me know!


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  1. April 1, 2016 / 6:33 am

    Damn, it's such a great colour, shame it runs so bad! The Necromancy one looks great!

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