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For my birthday I went to the Sydney Vegan Festival and picked up this shirt, along with some amaaaazing Pana chocolate and the best TVP pies I’ve ever had! Being a vegan is a pretty huge part of my life. Why not get a shirt to show that off?
Okay, this shirt is a little controversial. Already by wearing this to the grocery store I’ve had people respond. Either they’ll get aggressive or they’ll just laugh. What do you think? How does a shirt like this make you feel?

A big part of being a vegan for me is slimming the line between where our food comes from and ourselves. Too many people don’t actually know the processes that animals go through before they end up at the grocery store. Unfortunately not all cows are as lucky as these beautiful beasts I hung out with today! I live in a town (and a country) that prides itself on it’s agriculture, so I’ve been able to see these kinds of things first hand.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever wear a “meat is murder” shirt?

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I’m wearing a “meat is murder” shirt from the Sydney Vegan Festival, a plaid skirt by Tripp VIA Gypsy Warrior and spiked belt is from Boohoo.com.

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  1. I love your outfit, the combination of red and black is classic. As an almost-vegetarian, I wouldn't find the shirt weird or shocking, but the typo is kinda funny and exaggerated.
    Also, the cows are really cute, I wanna hug them <3.

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