photo IMG_1083pppp_zpso4oqfxqv.jpg

Blouse is thrifted (originally from Cotton On)
Vegan leather shorts by Bad Vibes
Mod Boot from Nasty Gal
Bucket bag from Gypsy Warrior

This is a different kind of day to night. My camera battery has been playing up, it won’t charge properly, and so when I was finally able to take these pictures there were only a specks of sunlight left in the day. By the time I was done the sun had completely set behind the horizon and I was working by the light of streetlamps. It think the vastly different light gives a more personal touch to the photos (I’m pretty sure you can see every wrinkle on my face in the close ups) but it’s also not the best lighting for showing off my shoes (sorry my leopard babies!).

Can you believe that I bought this blouse for the Sydney Horror Festival? I never thought it would be my style. It’s a three dollar thrift store find in an XL size that I slathered in liquid blood for my costume. When it came out of the wash completely unstained I thought it had won a spot in my closet!

But honestly, I’m not quite sure this kind of simple outfit suits my style. What do you think? I’m trying this new thing where I don’t just minimize the amount I buy, instead I go out of my way to wear what I have. Let me know what you think!

 photo IMG_1101ppp_zpsrq9zzhwp.jpg

 photo IMG_1082ppppp_zpsmzxwd6zh.jpg

 photo IMG_1100pppp_zpstrlox9rb.jpg

 photo IMG_1104ppp_zps5ofkgykt.jpg

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