Bare with me while I get used to taking photos in my new apartment. Although, it’s promising that we live right down the road from my favourite old-timey graveyard – how cool is that?
Speaking of cool, it was very cool of True Corset to send me one of their, you-named-it, corsets to wear and review. If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning (I know some of you are still out there!) you’ll know that I used to be quite the corset connoisseur. This is probably my fifth corset overall. Over the years I’ve changed to prefer a more toned-down and casual look, which is why I attempted to style this baby in a more everyday Goth look. It’s surprisingly wearable (although, not in the winter weather that us Australian’s are currently experiencing).

None-the-less, I only agreed to review this corset because I found something in this piece that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time: the “curvella” shape. I don’t usually opt for underbust styles as I find them particularly hard to style with my more modern wardrobe, but I’ve always wanted a corset with extra fabric around the hip area. I have pretty big hips in comparison with my waist ratio, and in the past have had trouble with corsets a) hurting my hips and b) making me look super deformed because they’re not suited to be styled with the body type I subscribe to. When I’m fully laced-in the hip area fits perfectly against my own. During these photographs I’m still getting comfortable with this corset, so I left it a little loose.

So, what do you think? Have you seen these curvy corsets around? Lots of corset sellers use models and photoshop to make their corsets look like they give you an hourglass figure, but I honestly believe this kind of corset really have. Just look at the photos below!

I’m wearing
a corset from True Corset, sweater from Brandy Melville layered
underneath a black crop-top from Gypsy Warrior, shorts are super old
Nasty Gal, belt is from Kmart, harness is from Gypsy Warrior, boots are
River Island VIA Asos, choker is from Tunnel Vision and finally the faux
leather jacket is from SheInside.



  1. June 6, 2016 / 6:15 am

    Amazing outfit, I love how you look casual even though you're wearing a corset.

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