The nu-metal band Red Queen, fronted by the gorgeous model and singer Elena Vladi, have just released their newest album called Star Blood. Now, metal may not be my favourite genre, but when I fired up some of their free tracks (that you can find on the front page of their website here) I couldn’t help but be flung into nostalgia fueled memories of the music I listened to when I was a teenager and budding Goth.

Can you tell us a little about your band?

My band is called Red Queen; originally it was known under the name Demona Mortiss that got a huge following, especially from Europe, but later, I have slightly changed the direction of music and got new band members and changed the name to Red Queen. I’m currently working with my friend Patrick Crisci who lives in Vegas, so we created 2 songs together “Naked” and “Insidious” and the rest of the songs I brought to him. We re-recorded them and created the Star Blood EP.

I’m trying to find the time for my side project under my name too, which would be quite mellow and electronic and fully written and produced by me.

What were you inspirations for this new album?

So many things that inspire me in genreal.. For example, a new person can walk into your life and entirely flip your world upside down. I also can get inspiration from movies and books .. as well as the cosmos, a variety of “conspiracy theories” and deep thinking outside the box! Intriguing people and my own emotions inspire me!

Your style is pretty-damn-amazing! Are there any stores or products you’d like to shout out?

Red Queen has a band Merch Store available at and we’re working on getting more skirt designs done! I am also launching my own jewelry shop.

Tell us more about your jewelry shop. What kind of designs will you sell?

I am hoping to open very soon, where I will be selling my trial collection of gorgeous royal necklaces and will expand into rings and more jewelry options later. I think every woman (including me) loves jewelry and I would like to share my vision of beautiful designs with other women!

Your personal website is opening soon. What will we be able to find on there?

My website will have a variety of my images, personal blog posts, links, donation button for my supporters who wish to help me, and possibly also a small Merch shop as well.

For more.. I am trying to focus on finishing my music video that I just shot in Hollywood on June 15th and have more shots to do with my band in Vegas.. also focusing on writing next Red Queen material. I currently wrote 2 songs that I will bring to Patrick’s studio next month! New band images are on the way where you will be able to meet the rest of my faceless band mates. 🙂

Follow Elena Vladi on Instagram @ElenaVladi and on her bands Facebook page for more updates!

I love getting these little looks behind the mind of an album. Especially one as lovely as Elena Vladi! Their sound reminds me of Nightwish, Evanesence but with a darker more Gothic edge! Give them a listen and tell me what you think? And would you like to see more reviews and interviews with people like this?


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  1. July 4, 2016 / 5:15 am

    Good job with the interview!

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