In case you don’t know, I’m a horror fan and a half. What am I talking about, how could you not know?

As such, lately I’ve been obsessively looking into horror boxes. The thing about mystery boxes that gets me, is that you never know whether the box is worth the price. You know, worth the price in your life. The Horror Block is my current top runner, but I haven’t decided 100%. In lieu of committing, here’s what I would want in my own ideal horror box!

A horror t-shirt. This is the thing that is currently winning me over to the Horror Block mystery box. Every box has a horror t-shirt, which means your basically winning back the entire money of the box up front!

A horror DVD. Another instant win for the Horror Box (my own post is winning me over more and more as I type it!). While I don’t actually own a DVD player, I would love to start a collection of horror DVDs. And usually I’m pretty strict about the genres I watch – typically slashers, black comedies, and paranormal investigation type stuff – so I feel like trying a new DVD each month would give me an opportunity to try out different aspects of horror!

 A pop vinyl. While I’m not really a fan of collecting Pop Vinyls (they take up so much space!), they are collectors items, which might be more worth while in the future. Bonus points if it’s on a key chain so I can get some actually use out of it while showing off my horror credentials. In a perfect world I’d opt for a little Ghostface figure!

SFX tools. Before now this list has been pretty ordinary. The above are bits and pieces you can find in any good horror box. But including SFX makeup and tools takes it to a new level. It means you don’t just watch horror, but you transform into your own monsters!

Horror Beauty! There are so many awesome spooky horror soaps, bloody bath bombs and makeup that can fit into this category. And what’s more useful than soaps?

Products presented above are the Hex Bomb (bath bomb) found exclusively on Bella Muerte Clothing, the Jealousy Matt Lipstick by Monster Makeup, a House on Haunted Hill (don’t you just love Vincent Price?) pillow from Horror Decor, Friday the 13th t-shirt from the House of Mysterious Secrets, the Skin Illustrator On Set Pallet – every SFX artist owns something just like this, a Ghostface key ring and, of course, The Conjuring 2 and Tales of Halloween (both I have seen, and both I would recommend!).

Well, it’s about time I actually go and watch some horror movies! Let me know what would be in your ideal mystery box? Have you heard of any unique mystery horror boxes I should try? Or do you subscribe to any mystery boxes yourself?



  1. June 27, 2016 / 4:44 am

    I hate that for Australians, subscription boxes are usually quite a lot more expensive, so we really have to weigh up whether it will be worth it for us! I wanted the Harry Potter one of that science fiction/ fantasy box but wasn't sure about parting with that much money when I don't need more dust gatherers!

    Horror is way too intense for me, but I think you made a cool box!

  2. June 27, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    This sounds perfect! I don't have the spare cash to subscribe to anything right now but if your box was actually a thing I'd be bookmarking it for later. Perhaps you should see about marketing this? 😉

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