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We The Lifers is a relatively new underground store all about celebrating what some people may call a “phase” but they demand is for a lifetime. I’ve been dressing alternatively for nine years now, and while I’m still young and I know plenty of people who’ve been into underground culture for far longer than I, I know I am and always will be a lifer. I could never give up my piercings and listening to The Cure every day!

If you’re like us, you’ve heard this before: it’s a phase, they’ll grow out of it.
And yet, a few decades on we’re still going strong. Go figure.

Sure, we don’t drink cheap liquor out of plastic bottles anymore, or
spend nights at train stations in the middle of fucking nowhere. And we
don’t wish we still did it either. Fuck that. Been there, done that.
Dues paid, thank you very much.

We grew up, got jobs, haircuts, mortgages, kids and all that but one thing didn’t change. We’re still hard at the core.

We still like our music loud, our beer cold and our sports extreme.
We still go to gigs, and if the mood is right we still mosh.
We skate, we bike, we board and we get tattooed.
We spend our hard earned cash on things mere mortals wouldn’t understand.

We know you are out there – people who say fuck you, and fuck your ‘phase’.

We don’t do ‘phase’. We don’t do ‘trend’. We’re in it till the bitter end.


What about you? Are you a lifer?

If you are, maybe you’d like to celebrate yourself by entering my giveaway right here! All you need to do is check out We The Lifers on Facebook and The Walrus Room on Facebook through the widget below. (Give us a like if you’re feeling it!)

Up for grabs are two We The Lifer’s tops – a t-shirt and a singlet like the one I’m wearing above. They are in a medium size (unfortunately, I have no control over this), but you can always use your DIY skills to make them larger (those cool ripped and tied t-shirt DIYs take shirts up a size) or turn them into a patch for your jacket or bag.

Anyway, I’d love it if you entered and spread the love for our community!

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1 Comment

  1. August 29, 2016 / 3:14 am

    Well I'm definitely no good at extreme sports but my love of Gothic literature and music is still there!

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