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I guess I just have a thing for indie brands that sell similar black t-shirts with occult prints. It all began with Blackcraft and now it’s onto Black Hope Curse. I blame Dollskill’s huge array of occult style clothes. How dare you provide for people with my sensibilities!

Here is Australia we’re finally getting into summer. Which is the time of the year I start getting nostalgic (and jealous of America’s) fall season. So be prepared to see some odd summery Halloween inspired, layered and certainly olive outfits.

Are you feeling the season? Or maybe like me, you’re feeling someone else’s?

I’m wearing a Black Hope Curse singlet VIA Dollskill, Gypsy Warrior shorts, olive button up blouse from Kmart, vertebrae necklace from BirdsnBones Jewellery, and Matisse vegan floral boots from Dollskill

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