A couple years ago I won a giveaway from another alternative blogger where I won a bunch of Halloween candles from Bath and Body Works. I was heartbroken when I found out I can’t order them in Australia. They were so delicious smelling – pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla; what more could you want? Well, I found a great alternative.

Witch City Wicks is an indie brand of alternative candles (Ouija and magic inspired for example). They’re vegan, soy candles and have a killer Halloween collection!

I picked up a couple of their candles – a large size Sleepy Hollow, and a couple travel sizes of Pumpkinhead, Poison Apple and Sleepy Hollow, again. Plus, they threw in a bonus mini candle called Poe. The travel sizes are actually pretty big. I’m definitely going back to grab a sampler set which was sold out when I originally ordered. I’m dying to try All Hallows Eve, Black Bat and Witch’s Broom.

Eeee! Honestly, Halloween themes get me so excited.

My thoughts on the scents:

Pumpkinhead: Smells like baked goods with plenty of cinnamon, especially gingerbread cookies.My absolute favourite.

Sleepy Hollow: Honestly, straight off this smelled like soap, but after a little while it grows on you. It’s kid of warm, and smell vaguely of mist. It’s not an overwhelming scent. Rather it creeps up on you!

Poison Apple: Sweet smell, reminiscent of candy apples, but still warm.

 Poe: Now Poe isn’t one of their Halloween scents. It’s a limited edition sample they sent along. But it’s definitely interesting and says a lot about their other lines.

Before burning it smells intense. It’s a very strong smell, with vanilla and floral accents that kind of smell like old Victorian man. You know? Like a closed up haunted mansion with old books, and lots of dust. It smells a lot like a nice kind of dust. But also with that elderly scent like floral wax that reminds me of my grandparents house.

The smell of these is great. They’re all super individual with unique scents that are true to the descriptions that are given on the website. The scents of each of them take only a couple minutes to fill an entire room with a single candle.

Plus, they’re great for their price. Six dollars for a four/five centimeter tall candle in a travel container beats Bath and Body Work’s prices for sure – especially since it’s from an indie maker where we know exactly where the money is going.

So that’s my review. What do you think? Have you ever tried them? Let me know your thoughts and your favourite indie Halloween lines and I’ll be all over them!



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