Dude, I have been feeling so uninspired lately. Maybe you’ve noticed. I haven’t been posting as often as I have in the past. In all honesty, since I’ve moved and been dealing with some serious anxiety issues I feel like I haven’t been myself! (Does winter do that to anyone else?)

More recently I’ve been feeling better and getting my life in check.

But in lieu of getting back to being me here are 30 things I want to try to remember my inner goth kid or simply just to find my way back to having an inspired lifestyle!

x Celebrate the full moon. Read tarot, collect flowers, burn candles and incense.

x Try out a new makeup look. Whether that’s a smokey eye or a complete zombie face paint.

x Go to a live show! A little while ago I saw The Cure live! It made me love them so much more.

x Write the ultimate 80s mixtape.

x Start getting hype for Halloween! (No matter what time of year it is!)

x Check out what the latest Goth brands are throwing out. Kill Star, Iron Fist, Disturbia and so on.

x Watch Goth films! Yes, Goth films exist! Or at least films with Goths. The Craft, Gypsy 83,  The Crow.

x Have a dark themed picnic in the park (or cemetery, if that’s you’re style)!

x Practice your Goth dancing.

x Check out your favourite Goth YouTubers for inspiration!

x Figure out new ways you can work real bones into your outfits …

x and your decor!

x Go to your local thrift store and stock up on second hand/witchy goodies.

x Practice your distressing skills some newly acquired denim. You know I can always do with another pair of distressed denim shorts!

x Learn how to stud denim properly.

x Plan your own funeral and remember to stay death-positive.

x You know those flowers you collected (or are considering collecting)? They would look so much prettier dead!

x Start your own Goth blog.

x Make your own tattoo choker.

x Bake bat shaped cookies. And then move onto other spooky shapes!

x Hold a spooky style beverage night! I want to try Buzzfeed’s 20 Alcoholic Beverages Inspired by the Harry Potter Series.

x Take those old stockings and make them new again by tearing them up!

x Catch up on some documentaries on the good old days of Goth.

x Start your own Goth planner in true Everyday Goth style!

x Or decorate your own monthly journal just like I do.

x Don a cape for a day.

x Work fangs into your daily outfits!

x Try a cool wig on for size.

x Try on the different styles of Goth and find out which one fits you best!

x Find out more about your local Goth style charities. The Sophie Lancaster foundation and the Bat Conservation Trust are great worldwide starts!

What are your tips? Have you ever felt like you’re just a watered down version of yourself at certain times? Tell me some of your favourite things to do when you’re feeling down and you aren’t as into all the things you usually love!



  1. October 4, 2016 / 4:03 am

    I had no idea you can diy a tattoo necklace. Most of my tips are the same… Check out the goth brands and go online

  2. October 4, 2016 / 10:09 am

    This list made me feel so nostalgic! I hope that you will find your inspiration again soon! 🙂

  3. October 8, 2016 / 12:35 pm

    Watching a goth movie gets me in the goth mood. I love goth movies for their cheesiness and naivety. They always inspire me and help me connect to my inner babybat.

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