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 There’s something a little bit odd about this t-shirt and it’s 100% my style.

I pondered calling this outfit death metal for a long while. It’s what
the graphic on my t-shirt is saying. But the truth is that I don’t
listen to death metal. Actually I don’t even like death metal. Now,
death rock and horror punk, yes please!

That was a bit of an aside! Because this post is all about the outfit I wore to the Berry Farmer’s Market. Berry is an amazing tourist destination around where I live. It’s one of those hippy, witchy places where it’s easy to find ethical stores and vegan food (Coconut whip with granola and berries, yumm!). I’m in love with the t-shirt I wore because it’s casual and easy to wear like all of my other t-shirts but the laced front adds a little interest and looks a little odd.

At the end of the day, I guess that’s what this post is all about. The odd little things I love: weird accents that show off a little of my style, vegan food and witchy stores, and dark music! What are your little quirks? And do they show up in the things you wear?

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