CURRENT OBSESSIONS 2 | Killstar, Gilmore Girls & Moon Spells

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I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls 24/7. When I’m not studying or working (when I’m at work I just sing the theme song to myself constantly) you better be sure I’m watching Gilmore Girls. I’m obsessed.

I’ve been wearing my new Killstar sweater everywhere. Why does it have to be summer here? It’s so soft, comfortable and looks amazing with everything! Killstar is a brand that I feel is a little gimmicky – they have so many random, edgy prints – but when I find something I like I really love it!

I’ve been eating blueberries! And lots of fruit. Actually lots of new vegetables too. But blueberries hold a special place in my heart.

I’ve been doing a lot of tarot card readings. Actually I’ve been working on a 100 days of tarot challenge. It’s honestly I true challenge. It’s so easy to read a card every day and actually helps for people like me who are still learning the cards. But it’s also hard, because sometimes it brings up feelings you may not want to acknowledge. Especially if you’re having a particularly bad week.

I’ve been loving my new bob! I’ve been meaning to cut my hair short for a long while now. I’m glad I finally got my butt around to doing it!

Instead of agonizing over her situation, she felt she was doing something to give her loan a better chance of being approved. She wasn’t sure she really believed it would work, but felt it was worth the effort since she could not concentrate on anything else. That in itself was a good reason to conduct the ritual. (Moon Spells, p. 23)

I’ve been reading a book called Moon Spells. When I first bought this book, I thought I’d have to do my usual interpretation of it, AKA, rationalise some parts that are obviously taken from certain religions. But this book is up-front secular. It doesn’t shame me for celebrating magical things without believing in a higher-power.


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