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When I was working for rebel circus I did a heap of alternative Christmas music posts. Punk Rock Christmas songs for example! That was when I realised how much silly Christmas music there really is out there. Goth Rock is no exception. It’s about time I wrote a Goth Rock Christmas music post!

Some old goths may think that these bands have sold out. That by making these Christmas songs they’re just trying to make money. But, maybe they’re just trying to spread the love?

Give them a listen below and let me know how they make you feel! Are they corporate trash or something simple to celebrate the Christmas season?

The Cure – Merry Christmas

We’re all seen that picture of The Cure wearing winter clothing, decorating a snowman, right? You couldn’t call yourself a Goth without knowing it! Well, this is what that cover is for! Of course The Cure wrote a super spooky song all about a merry Christmas.

Siouxsie Sioux – Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant

This is a little known French Christmas song by Annie Lennox and a traditional French Christmas tale. It translates to “He is born, The Divine Child”. It is your traditional Christian Christmas carol but in post-punk form! Who said Punk was a devilish genre?

The Smiths – White Christmas

The Smiths are the perfect band to do a post-punk Christmas cover. They’re melodic but the subtly melancholy sound makes the Christmas season much more bearable than those grocery store aisle, loud, peppy Christmas tunes. Don’t you think?

Nosferatu D2 – It’s Christmas Time For God’s Sake

I find this song so beautiful! It reminds me of Joy Division, but a more modern, Christmas inspired version. With it’s simple New Wave style beat and Post-Punk authentic lyrics, this song can easily be missed as a Christmas tune.

Jesus and the Mary Chain – Birthday

At first I wasn’t sure this was a Christmas song, but looking into the lyrics it definitely is!

Alien Sex Fiend – Stuff the Turkey

Oh dear god, this song is terrible. But if you’re looking for something to laugh at this might be right up your alley.

Are Goth Rock Christmas songs a sign of selling out?

You tell me! I’ve given you the evidence, it’s time for you to make your argument. Can bands like Alien Sex Fiend even sell out? That song was genuinely terrible, but for underground acts like some of these, is it more about making fun of the season, the songs and the corporatism?


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