Having been stretching my septum for a while now there’s one thing I understand all too well. That is how damn difficult it is to find larger sized septum jewellery that looks nice. And if you’ve been following my septum journey thus far, you might know I’m allergic to everything that’s not titanium. Urg!

But don’t worry! if – shockingly – you are having the same issue as me I’ve come up with some simple options that wont cost you a fortune for a decorative septum ring in your size.

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Tunnels & Smaller Hoops

If you’d rather style than bulk you can always go with using a tunnel and slide a smaller, more decorative hoop through! Simple, as can be, and you’ll have millions more options to try.

This is a great option for those working body-modified. Opt for a clicker and you’ll easily in less than a minute be work appropriate.

Screw the Balls!

If you’re opting for a traditional circular barbell there is one important aspect to consider when wearing thicker jewellery. That is the balls. With thicker jewellery come larger balls or oddly small balls. I say, screw the balls altogether.

I first started ditching the balls when I realised (very soon) that I couldn’t breath through my nose while wearing them. But the thicker the jewellery, screw the balls, and it’ll still look awesome.

Position with O-Rings

Thicker circular barbells and segment rings are a complete bitch to get open and close when they’re bigger than a size 14. I wouldn’t even bother with that trouble! Just remove the balls and take advantage of the (often free) o-rings. I like to flip my segment ring around and fix it in place with o-rings so it looks like a seamless segment ring! Easy!

Stack Small Hoops

Sneak in a couple hoops at once to fill the space! I’ve never tried this myself but I’ve seen it tried a thousand times. This was so popular they even started making them production style pre-stacked. I’d suggest opting for a plug style eyelet or ear-skin – which is more comfortable – so you don’t unwork your septum or find the style uncomfortable.

These are my septum piercing hacks for larger sizes. Does anyone even have a septum piercing now? They were so popular a couple years ago. Now it seems they’re going out of style again! So, do you have one? What about stretching your septum? If you’d like to try I have a post on the topic right here.

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  1. Laura m
    December 16, 2016 / 1:58 am

    Those steampunk plugs are pretty amazing 🙂

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