Holy shit, guys. Ho-ly-shit. Where has Nothing on TV been all my life?

I was just speaking to my amazing friend today over some thrift shopping adventures about how shopping has become very numb for me. Maybe you can sympathise. I felt like I just keep seeing the same old styles over and over. Then when I decided I was just going to shop it out until I found something I truly loved – no matter how much time it took! – I, well, actually found I couple things I loved. They aren’t pictured above as I’ve already bought them. I wanted to show them to you guys in up-coming-outfits. But the pieces I bought are just a couple of the amaaaazing 90s vintage clothing Nothing on TV has to offer.

I’d actually stumbled onto this store a couple times before. What was I thinking, not snapping this site into my bookmarks immediately! Imagine how many beautiful vintage baby doll dresses and oversized velvet shirts I’ve missed out on?

The magic in Nothing on TV is that it’s all in the styling! The creator of Nothing on TV styles even the most basic and obscurely 90s pieces in a killer grunge and alternative style. Just browsing the store gives me so many ideas for new ways to style things in alternative looks! A lot of the outfits are basic, but sometimes we need to be refreshed with that true goth look, don’t you think? Lacy thigh-highs, velvet, oversized Victorian-esque blouses and Victorian ruffled neckties! It makes me think of what I first fell in love with about the Goth subculture.

Plus Buying Vintage is a Sustainable Option!

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I really believe in shopping sustainably – whether that’s from pricey sustainable stores or thrift shopping second hand finds. My major resolution for this year is to shop 99% sustainable. Stores like these that resell vintage and thrift finds make it so easy. I know Nothing on TV is going to be a store I’ll be shopping at a lot!

While Vintage is often considered higher on the food chain than thrift-store clothes, there’s really no difference. When it comes down to it when you buy something second or third hand it removes another garment that’s headed for landfill. We already throw out so much clothing. Clothing that’s often perfectly good! How sad is that?

What do you think of Nothing on TV?

Whether or not your into the whole sustainability thing or not, lets face it, these are some damn cool goth clothes! What more could you want? Let me know your favourite vintage on their site! I’m throwing over all of it. One of the pieces I bought was this gorgeous lace Victorian Revival blouse.


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  1. January 14, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    For people in our generation/ age group the 90s has a real nostalgic feel to it! I really like the fourth picture with the black lace dress and pale lace top!

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