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The day Gala Darling’s 2017 Radical Self Love Almanac came out I thought it was just going to be another December day. But when I stumbled onto Gala’s website, realised it was only $25 bucks and would be delivered immediately to my email, my obsessive fangirl took control. Before I knew it I had taken a full-on nose dive into it. It’s a good thing it only took me a couple hours – the entire morning before work – to obsessively read the entire thing.

It’s about time I, a self pronounced radical self love groupie, reviewed this almanac for you.

Hold on tight because I took notes.

Gala Darling’s 2017 Radical Self Love Almanac

This is the first almanac I’ve ever read – including Gala Darling’s 2016 edition. I wasn’t sure what I was walking into; what even is an almanac?

Well, as I’ve come to know it, an almanac is a kind of calendar that is published once a year that includes a girth of information you’ll need. For this version that means lots of astrological information, self love worksheets to keep you focused through the year, and most importantly inspiration for being your best self in 2017.

It’s like a how to be happy guide for 2017 (but we all know it isn’t that easy)

“2017 will be what we make of it… So let’s be really active in the creation of our lives.” (2)

Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with the idea that we were the ones who could make our lives great. It all started with dressing like a little vampire and posting those outfits on this blog! Who said our lives weren’t magical? It us that have to create the magic around us!

While this almanac does have a lot of ‘magic’ in it in the form of astrological reports (which we’ll get to later), it doesn’t tell you that the answers lie in rituals and coloured candles.

“Were these rituals just a way of making me feel like I was “doing the work”, when really, I was just being lazy and expecting a candle to change my life? Was I REALLY getting in there and getting my hands dirty, or was I hoping the candle would manifest blessings without any effort on my part?” (9)

A new year and the whole new years hype is all about setting patterns and creating rituals. We unknowingly do it, when we resolve to loose five pounds this year or to “eat better”. What Gala is talking about here is about putting the resolution down, know what we want, but not figuring out how to actually get there. It’s the magical equivalent of saying you want to loose five pounds but eating the same things as last year, and not exercising.

But speaking of magic, she doesn’t glaze over it in this almanac. Instead she dives head in with lots of content by other bloggers and writers with in-depth astrology reviews and tarot readings for each astrological sign.

“According to numerology, we follow nine-year cycles of growth and development. 2016 was the last year in a nine-year cycle, which may explain a little about why it felt like the world was ending and we were all screaming forever into the abyss.” (23)

I’ve never been one for deep astrological readings – especially one that’s a year in advance. So I mostly skipped over this part.

Books like this have two purposes. Firstly, to inspire. It’s a review for a year we haven’t even lived. How exciting is that? We can make it anything we want? Secondly, to take stock. This could be very uplifting or throw us under a bit of a bus. I’ve already started thinking about this (at least in the notes I’m currently writing for this review), when thinking about how I’ve started working on the building blocks of this blog and my life in general. It makes us think about where we’re currently at, in order to figure out where we want to be!

It’s in this way that the tarot section and the Gala’s article on numerology got me really thinking about 2017.

Maybe this year will be the start of something new? I know I’ve been trying to set myself up for new opportunities. I’ve started my new website and moved this one to a more professional platform. Not to mention my whole new manifesto for this blog! Who knows? Well, actually I do! I’m not going to give up any time soon.

Overall, almanacs like this one remind me that self-care is an ongoing thing. You can’t just read the entirety of Gala Darling’s blog and think whelp, now I must be happy. We need to be constantly keeping in check with out goals, where we are in our live and how we’re changing.

Have you read this? Would you ever? Do you think Almanacs are a waste of time? Let me know all of your thoughts! I mean, I sure have told you all of mine.


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