The electronic band M83 has created music for movies like the Twilight Saga, Cloud Atlas and The Divergent series. But you know which films they’ve done best? Their own! I’ve become obsessed with M83 and their unique, eighties/nineties style music videos showcasing the traditional underdog story of a teenage outcast. What more could you want? Pet cemeteries, dressing up like a Halloween ghost, suburban settings turned sci-fi film.

M83 has made a career out of channeling that E.T meets John Hughes teen angst of the 1980s via Heavy article on Music Video Suburbia

This all combined with nineties style effects and I’m in love. Absolute favourites include Don’t Save us From the Flames (above) and Graveyard Girl.

Check them out and tell me what you think! They have so much music it’s crazy, so I recommend starting with the most popular. Unless you’re an electronic veteran and can’t get enough of bleeps and beeps.


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