My apartment has all white walls and all of my furniture is white as well. Let’s just say, that leaves lots to the imagination. Slowly I’ve been collecting interesting antiques to hang around the walls. Since I’ve been on my 99.9% project where I buy almost everything second hand and sustainably, I’ve become re-obsessed with collecting antiques and oddities on Etsy.

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Satin Floral PrintBrass Candle HoldersEdwardian Couple Cabinet Card
Candlestick HoldersAntique Photo of WomenFrench Mourning Hair Art
Memento Hair with Cabinet CardThree Armed Candle HolderFrench Satin Printed Portraits Set

Floral Oil Paintings & Cabinet Cards

The first thing I’ve begun collecting have been paintings and framed cabinet cards to add to my currently boring walls. I want beautiful paintings of flowers in old frames and pictures of beautiful Victorian woman. Ever since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of walls covered in old paintings and portraits of people I’ve never met. It’s probably because of my love of Harry Potter – Hogwarts walls are the best, but Crimson Peak’s come a close second – that I want walls filled with the staring faces of people I don’t know. It’s creepy but beautiful!

Victorian Mourning Hair Art

Along with this I’ve been interested in collecting my first piece of Victorian mourning hair art. Did you know that when a family member died, their hair would often been made into amazing words of art using techniques that are really rather hard to learn. They fold and tuck the hair to create flowers, braids, entire images of graveyards and so forth.

They’re sooo expensive! It’s certainly an investment piece.

Candlestick Holders

A couple months ago I went to a dollar store and bought an entire bag full of candles for all the different kinds of moon spells and rituals you could ever want. It was a bit annoying when I figured out I actually have no where to place my pillar candles.

Candlestick holders are easy to find and cheap antiques that add a nice touch of old school, Gothic decor, don’t you think? And, I mean, they’re also practical.

If you’re into antiques and short wedding dresses as well, no doubt, there are a couple pieces you have on your to-buy list that you’re looking out for. Let me know in a comment? I’m always excited to find new antique pieces to begin obsessing over. From taxidermy, bones, cabinet cards, tin types, crystals, old divination tools. I don’t know about you but I want a house filled with all this old, amazing stuff!


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  1. March 11, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    I love the idea of old photos on the walls too! I don’t want hair art though because you never know what ghosts might be attached, haha! I love it as an art form though!

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