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Do you ever go in cycles of loving certain interests? I do! Lately, I’ve had a renewed obsession with curiosities and antiques. While some of my inspiration has been taken from Grav3yard Girl, another favourite source is Instagram; particularly an Instagram account called Thee White Witch (Melissa Semião).

Thee White Witch is a amazing model of all things creepy and artistic, a photographer, a stylist and much to my joy an oddity collector who really knows how to style a room. Just look at the photos above!

Thee White Witch’s decor calls to mind the Victorian period, somehow delicate but unusual.

When it comes to Thee White Witch I obsess over pictures of her house. That blue velvet chair! That antique tall lamp with fringed lampshade! That wall of mismatched but perfectly fitting portraits and taxidermy! The gorgeous red fox mount! I just can’t get enough, so I hope it starts to inspire my own decor.

Inspiration from Thee White Witch:

  1. Investing in higher cost but room changing furniture. Large chairs that sit in lonesome corners, old scuffed chest of drawers and not to be afraid of mixing and matching colours from blue, red, black to classic white.
  2. Include a little bit of everything you love! When it comes to collecting oddities everyone has their favourites. I love skulls, taxidermy/hides and dental antiques. But I’ve often found myself struck by beautiful old dolls or other such types of antiques that call my name, that I haven’t bought because they’re outside of my range. But really, who cares? If I love it, it’ll fit in!
  3. Mix it all up with organics like lots of light and plants to break up the stuffiness.
  4. Lots of mirrors! Mirrors make a space look bigger, they’re enchanting and useful. Bonus points if they’re in old cast-iron frames or are held by tarnished wood for a spooky look.
  5. Pile stuff on other stuff! There’s always a way to showcase a new painting even if you don’t have room on the wall, just leave it up against a table or chair! It was the Victorian’s who created Maximalism (the opposite of minimalism).

There are the bits and pieces I picked out from the enchanting mess that is Thee White Witch’s home shots on Instagram. Be sure to check her out yourself for more pictures and to find out what she’s all about. Other than that, what do you think? Would you ‘borrow’ any of her furniture?



  1. Dietmar
    April 27, 2017 / 9:53 pm

    I love that wonderful velvet chair so much <3

    Greetings from Germany,

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