Let’s take a trip into the past and check out the best of the best posts to find on The Walrus Room. I’ve been writing this blog for six years now. Looking back I found posts about my now five years old cat being born, my first Cure shirt and the first time I died my hair!

Whether you’re new to this blog or have been reading for the whole six years, here’s a roundup of all the best posts of this blog, that’ll let you know exactly what to expect in the future!

THE WALRUS ROOM, Where Do I Start?

The best real post I ever wrote was called Skinheads; My Truth, Their Misconceptions and it’s to this day the most viewed page of my site.

Quick Tips for Dressing like the Young Witches of AHS – I just rewatched this season of American Horror Story and I’m still obsessed with its absolutely witchy style. How about you?

My favourite outfit post on this entire blog was when I rocked a PVC pencil midi skirt.

Free Online Sources that Designed my Blog for Me – it’s a little outdated, I now use WordPress themes (they’re easy to find, fit and install).

How to Grow Out Black Hair (From Black to Red). Ahh! I wish growing out an undercut was this easy!

Speaking of how to grow out an undercut.

My five favourite alternative characters on TV post brings back fond memories of my favourite series! Does it include one of yours?

I also wrote a Goth children’s cartoon characters version!

Is Deathrock a subgenre of Goth? Dark subculture obsessed babybat Sary explicitly says no in a post called Why Deathrock is NOT (or Wasn’t) a Subgenre of Goth. How dare you for even asking the question? It’s goth-blasphemy!

Be a little wary of this Complete Guide to DIY Undercuts in Ten Steps. Looking back I’ve realised my hair dying and haircuts were not-so-cute!

I’ve always been obsessed with writing easy manuals for interests. This post called The Basic Goth Wardrobe: A Comprehensive Guide For Men and Women is no exception.

You can’t go wrong with My Septum Piercing Experience post.

Did I miss any posts you think should be on this list? How long have you been a reader of The Walrus Room? Six minutes or six years? Let me know!


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