How to Shop on Depop + Tips for Avoiding Scammers!

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I recently bought my first iPhone, which immediately meant I signed up for Depop! Depop is an app essentially like EBay (you buy outright rather than bid) or an online thriftstore. If you’re selling clothing you simply take a picture with your phone and upload it. If you’re buying you hook up your Paypal and it’s too simple! I’ve been using the app for a while now and I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way. It’s a great site for finding bargins if you take the time and make a little money. Here’s my guide on how to shop on Depop.

Are You Shopping for Brand New, High End Brands, Thrifted, Vintage or DIYed?

A lot of different people sell on Depop. It isn’t just for second hand and worn clothing. Many sellers are vintage sellers or are designers themselves who wanted a free platform to sell on. If you know what you’re looking for in the first place, you’ll know what key words to use and what price points you’re willing to meet. Obviously, second hand clothing costs less than, say, a once worn new pair of Unif boots or a brand new crop top straigth from the designer.

On Keyword Searches

When shopping EBay I’dusually say to avoid searches like “lace blouse” because you’ll come up with a results list filled ot the brim with nonsense. But on Depop, these search terms are on par with brand searches because the amount of sellers on Depop are limited (especially when searching within your country).

Then again, use these broader search terms to find specific popular brands that fit your style and specific sellers that do too!

A brand I’ve fallen for purely through Depop has been Black Friday. I found out about it by searching for Unif (because it’s so popular, I see it more of a broader term because everyone tags it), then finding a Goth seller and finding Black Friday items.

Follow the White Rabbit!

In that same vein, don’t be afraid to follow the rabbit hole! A great way to find good sellers that fit your style is to search something generic like Goth clothing and then look for anything that catches your eye. Even if you don’t like the item. If it’s photographed well and in a style you admire, there’s more you fall fall for!

Or, even, if you don’t like everything they sell, look at what is in their like list and you might find a gem of a seller!

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Bookmark Everything!

Don’t forget to follow people to see what they have next! It’s common sense really.

Check the Seller’s Bio Religiously

Whether you’re shopping within your country, or shopping a designer or thrifted, be sure to check their bio. The bio contains all the important information. Info like shipping price, country restraints, bargins and bundles. Some sellers prefer it if you message them first before buying!

Beware Depop has Scammers Like Every Other Site!

Unfortunately, I’ve been scammed before. It’s an issue you have to deal with any online store, where you can’t actually see the product. Stealing images is a possibility. Although, I’ve only faced it once! There are some ways to try to avoid buying something you didn’t actually want:

  • Ask for pictures of it worn. I see this a lot. It’s a very common way to firstly, figure out how the clothing might look on you and secondly, see if the seller actually owns the piece and isn’t just stealing someone’s photo.
  • Are they only showing a product picture? This is a bad sign!
  • Check their stats! Just like EBay, each seller and buyer have reviews and an up to five star rating. To find out how the seller is actually
  • Message the seller with any concerns. Unless, they’re a next-level scammer, they’ll either respond in answer to your questions or ignore you completely. Don’t buy from sellers that ignore your legitimate questions!
  • Buy in app! Many sellers will offer free shipping if you buy outside of the app, because that means they don’t get a fee to pay Depop. Be wary of this, because it means that you’re a little less protected.

Sites like Depop is one of the main reasons I’m getting through this year’s 99% Sustainability Project. If you don’t know about it, it’s a project where this year I try to buy 99% of my clothing from sustainable sources. This doesn’t just mean sites like Reformation, but thrift stores and second hand. Which means I still get to wear lots of Gothy clothing!

Have you ever shopped on Depop before? What are your pro tips to shopping sites like these? If you’re curious you can check out my profile (@thewalrusroom) online before taking the plunge of downloading the app. I haven’t sold anything yet, but I do buy and like a lot of Goth clothes!



  1. Laura
    July 11, 2017 / 4:17 am

    I’ve never used Depop, but lately I have made awesome discoveries on Poshmark. I don’t know if it is available in your region, but I’m pretty sure you would like it 🙂 great post as always!

    • sarywalrus
      July 11, 2017 / 4:43 pm

      Unfortunately Poshmark isn’t available in Australia. But I see items from there all the time online and it looks so great for Gothy clothing. 🙂

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