Spotlight: Gothic Homemaking by Aurelio Voltaire

What doesn’t Aurelio Voltaire do? Voltaire writes and performs hilarious tongue-in-cheek songs about the Goth subculture, nerd culture and everything spooky related (zombies, vampires, etc). He has written several books about the Goth subculture including: Paint it Black and What is Goth? And, now, he’s adding to all the fun with a new series on his Youtube channel called Gothic Homemaking.

Now, I will start by saying that I am obsessed with Gothic Homemaking.

This series surmises everything quirky and cute, dark, funny and DIY that the Goth subculture is all about! In between hanging out with Goth personalities from all around the world like Adora Batbrat and Reeree Phillips, Voltaire creates skits about the Bigfoot that lives in his freezer. All the while he updates his living space with black roof tiles and a new coat of paint. It’s almost as though the decorating is secondary to the rest of the fun that goes on around it.

But, bad news! This series is on Hiatus while the next series is in production. You can see some sneak peaks on his Instagram account including the beforementioned ReeRee Phillips while hitting Australia on his latest tour down here. I can’t believe I missed him this time around. But there’s always next time!

Are you a fan of any of Aurelio Voltaire’s projects? Have you read any of his books? If you’re read my recent Goth books wishlist you’ll know I’m dying to pick up a copy of Paint it Black. Maybe I’m having a little bit of a moment. But hopefully, the next season will come out before I reach the end of my current obsession. What about you? Let me know your thoughts!


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