GOTH HAUL | The Witchy-est 4th of July Sales!

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Even though I’m not an American (I’m Australian!) I took advantage of all the great sales and picked up a heap of things from my favourite Goth brands! No joke, I was having a massive Goth clothing obsession that resulted in this “Goth haul”.

I headed to the Disturbia site who were having an awesome sale on their sale! Then I stopped off at Dollskill for a bunch of stuff I’ve been considering buying for a million years. I’m in love with almost everything by the brand Current Mood (minus their random seventies inspired stuff). Now that they were fifty percent off, what’s stopping me? Not practicality, as you can see by the mesh dress, that’s for sure! Lastly, I stopped off at ASOS because they always have some nice darker generic things. There I found a pair of mary janes. Do you know how long I’ve been wanted a good pair of heeled mary janes? Pretty much since I’ve been out of the womb.

Overall, I’ve been trying to opt for more of a witch aesthetic. I think I did I pretty good job replicating that in this haul. Minus the leopard bag, but I’m just in love with it!

Ahh! Look at all these goodies! I’m so excited for them to arrive!

Fishnets from Dollskill
“Practical Magic” mesh dress from Dollskill
Velvet bow cuffs from Asos
Mary Jane shoes from Asos
Esoteric 3/4 top from Disturbia
Current Mood leopard & spiked bag from Dollskill
Witch crop from Disturbia
Skulls and bones scarf from Disturbia

I wanted to write this post before they arrived because, like usual, online shopping is a minefield. Things you buy never turn out like you expect. But c’mon, if I didn’t shop online I wouldn’t have access to brands like these. Plus, I certainly wouldn’t have access to such awesome sales!

This has been the first non-sustainable haul that I’ve done this year outside of my 99% Sustainable Project. But I’ve been really craving some dyed in the wool Goth pieces to accentuate my closet! Can you blame me?

What did you pick up during the 4th of July sales? Anything awesome?



  1. July 14, 2017 / 3:36 pm

    I love that sheer dress – no idea how to style it either haha

  2. July 16, 2017 / 12:03 am

    Very cool! I was so tempted this year, but refrained. Almost going to get that sheer dress with the occult symbols from kill star… Looking forward to seeing you style these

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