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This is the second year that I’ve started religiously using a planner. Last year I had a generic polka-dot planner because I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it. I ended up writing in it every day! This year I couldn’t find anything that suited my personality and had the layout I liked. So, instead, I decorated my own and made a dark Victorian themed Goth planner!

It was much cheaper to DIY my own cover than to find something suitably spooky on Etsy or elsewhere online.

I started by collecting images that I thought I’d like to use to decorate my planner. I really liked the Tumblr Yesterday’s Print that includes old newspaper headlines. Yes, these headlines are from real stories! They have a ghost section, so I was all over it! Mostly, I collected these images from my Tumblr here.

When spreading them out I realised that I didn’t have enough photos that fit the theme I liked, so I had to quickly find some more. First, I layed them over the cover to see how they would fit and look like. I took pictures to make sure I knew where I liked all of the images.

Next, I used tape to stick the images into place. Making a loop so that you could attach one side to the back of the paper and the other to the journal cover. I used scotch tape. This meant I was able to move them if I didn’t like the placement. Double sided tape would also work but it’d be less movable.

When everything was stickied down, and the edges where taped to the inside of the cover, I finished it off by adding some amazing stickers from Emm’s Ephemera. It’s an etsy store that had a cool collection of vintage style bug stickers, Victorian ladies and vintage style pointing hands. They fit perfectly with my theme! These were also great for covering any mistakes.

I cut out a strips for the band that holds the journal closed to slot through. When covering the book in adhesive vinyl these parts stayed put and looked fine. After covering in clear waterproof vinyl I was finished!

Do you like the look of my DIY Goth planner? I wanted pictures that would inspire my goal aesthetic for the next year and make me smile whenever I looked at it. What do you think?



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  1. July 24, 2017 / 4:33 pm

    I love those weird old newspaper headlines 🙂

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