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This is the second month I’ve received the Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box. Suprisingly enough, I first found out about this beauty “box” in a Facebook advertisement. As soon as I found out that the shipping to Australia wasn’t awful I decided to give it a go! Honestly, that’s how simple it is to get my attention and make me try your products. Just make the International shipping less than the box itself!

I call this box a “box” because it’s only four items every month. But it’s also super cheap at that. In each month there is almost always a lip product and a cosmetic glitter/eye shadow. I’m not really a fan of the cosmetic glitters – you need a glitter adhesive for them to make any impact in a look. But they could be great for layering.

That is … if they ever came in colours that I liked. So far I’ve had a pink cosmetic glitter, as well as the light blue above, a pink nude lipstick and the nude above. I have one major complaint. Medusa’s Makeup is branded as an alternative kind of cosmetic brand. It has some edgy dark lipsticks and is entirely vegan, so why do I keep getting such boring colours? Give me something more than a neutral! Sure, maybe they’re trying to create boxes that the majority of buyers will like. But that’s not why most people buy mystery monthly subscriptions. They want to try something new, interesting and different than the usual!

In this particular box I received a lip paint in “Cowgirl” ($12), a cosmetic glitter in “Mystique” ($8), an angled eyeliner brush – only available as a bundle – ($8) and a Brow Wow Wow – This apparently only comes in the single shade? ($12), plus a Medusa’s Makeup “free beach bag”. The card quotes $45 value, at only 15.95.

“Our monthly subscription box is artfully curated by the Medusa’s Make-Up team. Each month you will receive a delivery of 3-5 full size vegan products to try for only $15.95 a month.” – Medusa’s Makeup

The lip paint is pretty good. It takes a while to dry but is a good colour for adding a vampiric palor to a look or layering underneath something eerie coloured. The angled eyeliner is, well, an angled eyeliner brush. It’ll always come in useful. The cosmetic glitter I doubt I’ll ever wear. The Brow Wow Wow, I doubt I’ll use for my eyebrows, but maybe on a rainny day as an eyeshadow.

Honestly, with this box you get what you pay for! If you want to try out something new each monthly, that’s all vegan and cruelty free, where the products are hit or miss and the packaging is pretty cheap and not particularly interesting to look at, this is for you. It’s not bad. I’m going to continue to try it out because it’s a good way to build up my lipstick and eyeshadow collection on a budget, try new things and occassionally get something really useful (the angled brush will get lots of use!).

It’s just a little saddening because I know they have some great products on their website. But it seems they never find their way into their monthly boxes? Are these boxes only for leftover items they want to get rid of? What do you think?

Medusa's Makeup, alt, beauty box, makeup box, vegan makeup, vegan, vegan beauty box, lip paint, brow duo, Medusa's Makeup, alt, beauty box, makeup box, vegan makeup, vegan, vegan beauty box, lip paint, brow duo,



  1. August 14, 2017 / 7:01 am

    The lip paint colour looks like concealer :S I do like a good nude lip (especially with heavy eye makeup), but there’s a very fine line between it being nude and it looking like you’re wearing concealer on your lips :’)

    • sarywalrus
      August 14, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      I wore it out today and can 100% report that it looks like concealer on me!

  2. October 5, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    Nice one!but it’s kind of confusing, is it a neutral lipcolor?or do you have shades in it.

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