Cigarettes After Sex is an electronic slow-wave, ambient pop and shoegaze band. That’s a bit of a mouthfull, isn’t it? Basically that means it’s soft, slow and kind of grungy all at the same time. That’s my favourite kind of mix at the moment! The band first came together to create an EP called I. in 2012. This suprised me when I looked them up because their sound seems like a little bit of a throwback.

The band’s frontman Greg Gonzalez describes his sound in an interview with Vice as: “elemental, hazy and romantic, but with a noir edge underneath Gonzalez’s androgynous voice” and “sweet and sentimental”. But he also recognises that “it’s reminiscent of lying in bed, but its ambient qualities don’t prevent it from being music you can dance to.”

At first I was a bit suprised when I realised I liked something this much that was so shoegazy. But, when I looked further into the band’s influences that include the Cocteau Twins (often cited as the influencer of many a Goth Rock band) and (a huge favourite of mine) Mazzy Star, everything started to make sense.

Similar to: Mazzy Star, Cocoteau Twins.

Stand out songs include: Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby, Keep On Loving You (an REO Speedwagon cover), Affection, K., and Please Don’t Cry.

Do you listen to Cigarettes After Sex? Or are you a shoegaze fan? Check out their website here. Or let me know your favourite bands! I’m always looking for more music to appreciate.

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